Emergency Vet ($39.99 per month)

EarthWise Vet is now offering an Emergency Vet club level.  This is a unique supplement to your current pet insurance coverage and is not intended as an insurance replacement.  The Emergency Vet club package includes everything in the Triage Basic club package as well as $1,500 in alternative pet emergency funding for life-threatening situations.  Please click Terms & Conditions for specific club package details.

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Emergency Vet Club Package FAQs

Can I use my insurance alternative emergency fund without consulting an in-network club vet? NO
  • To access your emergency fund, you must be referred by one of our EarthWise Vet veterinarians first.
Can I use my club emergency fund in conjunction with a pet insurance policy?
  • Emergency Funds can only be used to cover up to $1,500 in immediate emergency care costs.
  • The emergency fund can only be used once per year and cannot be split among multiple emergencies.
  • Since the EarthWise Vet club membership is an alternative to pet insurance, we do not have any restrictions regarding a pet owner acquiring additional pet insurance with another provider, however, the emergency fund cannot be used to cover the cost of a deductible or copay of a separate insurance policy.
  • NOTE: Many traditional pet insurance providers do have restrictions regarding combining policies and alternatives, so it's important that you check with your insurance provider and are knowledgeable of any existing restrictions.
Can I use my emergency fund for more than one emergency? NO
  • The emergency fund can only be used once per year per membership.
What is the EarthWise Vet emergency fund?
  • Our emergency fund provides up to $1,500 towards your vet bill in case of a life-threatening vet emergency, requiring immediate care.
  • Think of it as a pet insurance alternative without a high deductible or copay.
  • These are some of the other benefits compared to traditional pet insurance options:
      No pre-qualifying or credit checks
    1. No out-of-pocket payments
    2. No restrictions of breed, age, or location
    3. No restrictions based on pre-existing conditions
    4. Coverage for up to 6 cats or dogs with one easy monthly payment. You can sleep easy knowing your pet is covered and emergency care won't be a financial burden.
  • The EarthWise Vet emergency fund is an alternative to pet insurance and does not cover routine care or preventative health.
  • What makes the EarthWise Vet Emergency Fund different?
    1. EarthWise Vet is an affordable pet insurance alternative for pet parents looking for financial protection in case of an unexpected vet emergency.
    2. EarthWise Vet is different from pet insurance because we provide financial help for the most expensive sector of pet healthcare, emergency vet care.
    3. We pay your vet clinic directly, so there is no need for you or your vet clinic to file a claim or fill out paperwork.
Am I restricted to in-network vet hospitals?
  • No, you can use the emergency fund at any vet clinic of your choice, so long as are referred by one of our licensed veterinarians and follow the correct procedures.